System Solutions Selection

In today’s technological world, there is no organization management system that can be efficient without the utilization of information technology solutions. But choosing the right one, making it work seamlessly in your organization requirements and have all this done within budget and time constraints is a real challenge. Here GMSF can provide invaluable expertise in assessing the global market solutions for the non-for- profit sector, and offer at least 2 alternatives with time, cost, resources for customization & configuration. Advising and counseling you in presenting those to the decision makers and determine together which one suits your organization best. We supervise the project management of business analysis and requirement specification, configuration of core functionalities, and monitoring of the full implementation cycle. We advise in customization and configuration of the client specific requirements, as well as during launching of the systems. Last, but not least, the ongoing maintenance and on-line support is managed to ensure technical corrections, answering technical and users questions, version updates, legacy data migration, integration with external systems, used by the organization, documents management, user documentation is properly serviced.