Core Functionalities required for an NGO


Core Modules and Functionalities required for an NGO

A standard solution requires the core business processes to be streamlined in one integrated system that begins with Donor Fundraising, Organizational Budget, Project Planning and Management, and Implementation, integrating with Accounting and On-line Reporting to their ultimate closing and historical archiving — with internal controls, in-built along the way.


  • CRM
  • Organizational Budget
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Grants Management
  • Service Contracts Management
  • Reporting
  • Settings and Configurations – API to external accounting system

Key Features

  • Meets the needs of stand-alone NGO or a network of affiliated organizations worldwide for management of their Donor Funding – budgeting and planning, accounting and reporting.
  • Ensures budget management and control, providing transparency during projects implementation.
  • Cloud-based web application accessible remotely through a standard browser interface.
  • Multi-language compliant
  • Multi-currency compliant with instant calculations in real time; compliant with the International Accounting Standards and specific local legislation
  • Compliant with specific Donors R & R (AI, Global Fund, USAID, DFID, private Donors and etc.)
  • Integration with the CRM module allowing appropriate data connections between modules.
  • Ability to be linked with an external accounting software
  • In-built reporting in real time with ability to connect with SharePoint, MS Reporting Services, Crystal Reporting to build customized financial, management, specific donor reporting, and data consolidation.
  • Ability to configure screen/forms/documentation for capturing programmatic information, created in the course of processing data.