Foundation in Central Asia Region

Foundation in Central Asia Region (CAR) – relatively small budget $1M and 20-25 staff wereapplying for 2 Grants from USAID. For the first Grant they were principle recipients and in charge of Compliance Rules & Regulations with USAID and reporting to all Partners. At the same time they were a Sub-recipient for another USAID Grant.

As per USAID Regulations, the Foundation had to undergo a Pre-Award Review, and as a result USAID found that the Foundation had no IT infrastructure, no written Policies & Procedure (P&P) in compliance with Head Office (HO), local stuff and IAS etc., and no integrated software solution.

The Team was called in to develop and raise their administrative capacity and train staff. As a result, when in 6 months USAID came for a follow up visit of the Pre-Award review, they were pleased with the achieved results in improving the organizational operation at the Foundation, that they transferred $1M funding for the two grants shortly, and the budget of the Foundation doubled to $2M. The Foundation raised its capacity in compliance with the Donor and became more attractive to the Donors because of its accountability and transparency. In one-two years only their budget increased to $6M from multiple Donors.