Foundation in Russia

A big International Donor awards a $90M funding to a Foundation in Russia being a Principal Recipient of a Consortium. To acquire the Funding the Foundation had to distribute to multiple Grantees & Sub-grantees in different countries in multiple currencies or implement their own projects. In our story the Donor refused to release the money due to lack of Administrative Capacity to show the accountability and transparency to comply with their requirements.

And here we were asked to come in and build up the required administrative capacity and implement an integrated software solution to serve the pretty complex business operation of the Foundation. They had to comply with international standards, country statutory, Donor specific R&R, and Reporting requirements. It involved operating in multiple currencies, receiving and reporting in Donor currency and awarding grants and payments in different currencies for each Grantee or Project. In addition they operated in multi-languages in accordance to the Donors, Grantees, Sub-grantees and Projects.