SmartSimple is designed to help your organization connect with your communities and streamline your administrative processes, using a system that’s almost endlessly configurable. Once implemented, clients are able to administer their SmartSimple system on their own, though, of course, our team is always available to help.

  • Ideal system for organizations that work with diverse and dispersed communities, giving them the power to control and track information their way.
  • High level of transparency for their users – deciding who can access their data through a series of unique user portals.
  • Completely automated, SmartSimple puts the control of the system in your hands.
  • Cloud-based solution – organizations can communicate and integrate seamlessly with their community and the world.
  • SmartSimple works hand in hand with your team to implement your system, enhancing and organizing your processes in a way that’s intuitive to the organizations and their users.

SmartSimple software is a unique cloud-based platform that works within three specific vertical markets:

  • Grants Management – Use SmartSimple to manage your entire grants lifecycle with GMS 360◦ , from application to post-award monitoring. Learn more about GMS360 in the Idealware report, “A Consumer’s Guide to Grants Management Software” or see the full report.
  • Research Management – Research funders use RMS360 o  to manage all aspects of their programs and grants, from drafting the initial proposal to final funding.
  • Case Management – Service providers and insurers easily collaborate using SmartSimple's GMS 360◦ .
  • GSA Advantage and GovCloud – SmartSimple is a GSA Advantage approved supplier and is authorized to connect with the AWS GovCloud.