No doubt that the software solution increased the level of budget control and reporting of the program staff.

, Foundation in Azerbaijan

Basically, according to the opinion of my staff, they even can not imagine working without the software solution, since now they are more efficiently using their time for the programs rather then only paper work.

Executive Director, Branch of an International Foundation in Armenia

The Software solution is very important for the efficient management of our foundation. Integrated with accounting database it gives real-time info on how much budget is left and where expenditures went. The system is user-friendly and quick. The Software System played an important role in attracting international donors' funds that chose the us as an operating agency for their regional Central Asia grants ($36Mln).

Executive Director, International Foundation in Kazakhstan

We have been going through enormous amount of audits, after obtaining grants from USAID, and one of the most helpful tools was indeed The Software System, which basically made our life through audits easier. Since the system helps us with the budget management and control whole time, the finance department has found a real assistance of helping them to be more effective on budget and expense management.

Executive Director, International Foundation Branch inTajikistan

The software solution compliance and consistency to grant approval mechanism, maintains a high level of good governance processing of proposal for approval.

Executive Director, Large Foundation in Indonesia

The Software solution makes tracking application status and of grants progress a lot easier, more accurate and faster since all information regarding proposal, proposal approval, and monitoring and evaluation registered in the system.

Executive Director, Large Foundation in Indonesia

The system is user friendly and ensures implementing financial transactions in accurate manner. Integrated with accounting database the software solution generates different type of financial reports. This is very helpful for providing management with requested various reports per programs/projects. The system was assessed as very accurate and informative by our major donors (SIDA; USAID) during pre-award site visits and this was very important to get other funds.

Finance Manager

This is to note that the Non-commercial Research Center, is the spin-off from a large international Foundation . Previously the center operated as a program of the Foundation. During the re-organization and spin-off process in 2013 we found the system had all necessary information recorded in a manner that supported separation of multi donor funded projects, ongoing activities and resources. We are continuing using the system for Budget Management, Financial Management & Contracts management and found it very useful as our donors qualify financial reports generated from the system accurate and prepared in compliance with their requirements. System is user friendly, functioning for multi currency project funding and gives us all necessary Management Reports.

President, Research Center in the Caucasus

The Software solution has been transformational for UK-based organizations, enabling us to have full visibility of our financial & grant flow management online & accessible anywhere in the world. This has saved time for our finance team who can review & process payments as soon as they have been submitted by our field staff. It also helps our programme staff who can attach supporting documentation directly into the software removing the need to post invoices or receipts to our finance team.  Programme teams appreciate the software solution because they can have full visibility & real-time access to financial reports which enable them to better manage their programme activities. The automated controls, that the software allows us to use is praised by our auditors who use it as a “best-practice” example for their other clients. We would be lost without it.

CEO, UK-based organization

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